Frequently Asked Questions

Social Web site

PetsBlock is a social web site that enables you to socialize with other pet lovers around the world. With PetsBlock, you can schedule notifications and invites to share private contents with trusted friends, schedule announcements to your followers, bolster about yourself and your pets, and setup goodwill campaigns.
PetsBlock users can schedule email notifications to invite friends and close confidants to view contents in a private setting. When a notification is sent to a designated recipient, ONLY the recipient will be able to view the specified content on user''s page. User can specify a time frame for which the invite and its related content will expire and be removed from PetsBlock system.
A private page does not reveal its content to general public. If you decide to make your page private, you need to click on your "profile" tab and click on "Change access level" link. You will then be able to move your page from public to private domain or vice versa. By restricting your page, your membership information will not be displayed in the search result of "find members" page. If by any chance, someone does get a hold of your page handle, the content of your page will not be displayed. In such a case, the only available service on your page would be the emergency service.

As a contributor, you can propose new background models and get paid for your contribution. Once you propose a new model, we will evaluate it. If your proposal is approved, your model will become available for sale. You will have the ability to take it off the market at any time, or put it back on the market for sale. PetsBlock system will issue an invoice every month on the number of models sold under your account. When a new invoice is issued, we will pay you through different payment channels and you will receive a notification. We encourage you to become a contributor.

User Profile Settings

As a result of using PetsBlock service, email invites or other type of notifications are issued to provide you with excellent user experience. PetsBlock needs to reference you with your proper gender identity within the content of those notifications.

User Account

When you see a lock icon for a service it means we will encrypt the content before storing it in our database. For services that do not have secure sensitivity but require privacy sensitivity, we provide option of making the content private or protected. Private content requires a private key to be viewed. Protected content will be viewed ONLY though response to private invites.
When you are logged in to your account, you are acting as administrator to your account. As a result, you will be able to see controls and fields in order to edit your content and manage it. When you are not logged in to your account, you will be treated as a visitor and you will be able to see only the content that you want your visitors see at any time.
You''r visitors will be able to see the content in services that is free or paid for. You''r visitors will see content associated with free services and you are not required to make any payment for them. However, other services that are not free will not be available for viewing if you have not purchased them.
If you upload an image that you do not own and we receive fully documented complaint that supports a claim of ownership by a third party claimant, we will prevent your visitors from viewing posted items and send you an email to this effect. Once you correct the problem, you can send us a note throughabuse@petsblock.comand we will reset your publishing privilege. Please indicate your full name and your page handle in your email. If you find misuse of a document you own, please send us email toabuse@petsblock.comwith detail information on the document proof of ownership and exact location of the document in question.
PetsBlock will enable paid execute services only. Make sure you have paid for secured messaging service before scheduling emails or SMS messages.

We encrypt the content stored on secure items. The lock icon means the specified entry is secure and will be encrypted.
You need to make sure all other models are set on hold or activate anytime. In this situation you want to have only one of the models on immediate display mode.


As a standard user, you are allowed to advertise in classified ads page for a fixed price. If you are a business owner who would like to do targeted advertisements on PetsBlock, after creating your account, you need to send us an email on Make sure you will include the following information in your email request:
  • Your page handle
  • Your daytime phone number.
  • Reason you want to advertise with us.
  • Type of content that you will include in your advertisements.
PetsBlock will block advertisements that are not following advertisement rules. If your advertisement is not truthful and is out of context, we will block it from viewing by our users.
If your advertisement violation is egregious, we will block your advertisement privileges.